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URGENT: Opening for 

Essential Personnel Workers Only


Good Afternoon Brilliant Beginnings Family,

Brilliant Beginnings Early Learning Center will open Monday March 30, 2020 for regular business hours, for essential personnel workers only. You can find the required documents and application, at https://earlychildhood.marylandpublicschools.org/early-childhood-grants-programming-and-initiatives-maryland-during-covid-19-state-emergency to bring to Brilliant Beginnings Monday morning. 

As we continue to follow the mandate with the State of Emergency it is forcing us to limit our open door policy to the parents. With that being said, we are very apologetic but for the safety of the parents, students, and the staff, we will not be allowing parents to enter the school. In order for us to keep the virus under control here at Brilliant Beginnings, we have to transfer at the front door. We understand for many, this has been an emotional roller coaster, however we are apologetic and don’t foresee any additional closures. Brilliant Beginnings Early Learning Center has taken all necessary steps in sanitization and we are eagerly ready to see our students on Monday.

Using information from these leading experts, we have created guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our children, their families, and staff. Brilliant Beginnings has instituted new guidelines to prevent the coronavirus from spreading within our school.

The following guidelines are designed to help us maintain a healthy and safe environment:

  • Per signing students in and out of the building, there will be no pen shared. Parents should use their own pen when signing in and out.
  •  Staff members will be receiving the students at the front door from their parents during drop off and pick up. We will be altering the     transferring of students when it comes to entering and exiting the building at this time until further notice. The employees are here to assist all parents with the new transfer procedure.
  •  Parents if your child has any symptoms of illness, you will be notified to pick your child up immediately.
  •  We ask that you take your child’s temperature and your temperature prior to coming to school. If you or your child has a fever of 100.4°F or higher, we ask that they stay home for 72 hours in order to protect the health and safety of our children and staff.
  •  Staff or children with a fever (100.4°F or higher), cough, or shortness of breath should be excluded from the center and stay away from others. In this situation, you will not be able to return without a doctor’s note.
  •  If an employee or child's parent or caregiver is diagnosed to COVID-19, please notify the center immediately.
  •  We have enhanced our efforts to sanitize our classrooms and all other high touch areas.
  •  We will be requiring handwashing upon arrival for all students and staff at the center.
  •  Staff will help young children to make sure they are effectively washing their hands.
  •  We want to advise the parents, students, and staff to avoid touching their eyes with unwashed hands.

Please know that as we make decisions, your child, your family, and our staff are top priority and we promise to keep you informed with all new communications, developments, and updates. We cherish the relationship we have with our Brilliant Beginnings family, and we promise to be vigilant while working with you against this virus. These are unprecedented times yet, we are confident that together, we will weather this storm, protect the children, support our teachers, and emerge strong and healthy on the other side for better days ahead.


Prior to the coronavirus I have been in contact with numerous parents about the upkeep of their child/children's medical record at Brilliant Beginnings. Upon opening on Monday, any students who are not in compliance with the state regulations will NOT be able to enter Brilliant Beginnings until they have done so.

*If for some reason, you have lost forms or don’t remember the items given to you that your child needs, you are more than welcome to email me or call the school on Monday.

*No child will be able to attend BBELC without the proper updated immunization record; if your child is dropped off the parents will be notified immediately.

International Travel

Upon these guidelines, parents please know that you will have to contact the school before returning for entry permission.

*If you are returning from international travel from the CDC’s Level 3 areas, a cruise, or any area where the virus is widespread, please do not enter the school for at least two weeks upon your return.

*Please notify us if you have any upcoming travel to an area where the virus is widespread and do not enter the school for at least two weeks upon your return.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Carol Lomax

Director and Owner

A Good Educational Start for Children

Brilliant Beginnings Early Learning Center, which serves the Baltimore, Maryland area, provides childcare services to children between the ages of six weeks and 15 years old.

Staff is trained in First Aid and CPR and attend continuing education programs throughout the year.

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Parents who are looking for a safe, nurturing and creative environment can depend on Brilliant Beginnings Early Learning Center. Children’s development will be optimized with a host of activities and programs.

Parents interested in having their children have the brightest futures possible should contact Brilliant Beginnings Early Learning Center by phone at 410-602-3944 or fax at 410-602-3944.

Carol Lomax, Owner/Director